Our Story

This is a story about a young couple from Lake Charles, Louisiana who had an unusual ambition. They believed they could create a world-class sandwich shop that would satisfy and delight the increasingly sophisticated tastes of people around the country.

But Josh and Melissa Priola knew that to achieve their goal, they would need some help. So Melissa and Josh traveled to Hyde Park, NY, where they engaged consultants from the world-famous Culinary Institute of America to help develop their idea. There they challenged four Certified Master Chefs to create the most delicious sandwiches possible—using ingredients from around the world–with no restrictions on their creativity.


After experimenting with various global tastes and flavors, the concept came together at a street food festival where chefs from around the world were serving the street food specialty of their country. The Priola’s quickly recognized the unique satisfaction they could provide by creating sandwiches using the flavors of the world’s best street foods and offering true personalized service that only can happen when the order-taker is the same person who prepares and hands you your food. Thus, Street Breads was born.

Thanks to the collaboration of CIA’s Master Chefs, the sandwich offerings at Street Breads combine fresh proteins, produce and herbs with a simplicity of presentation that puts the taste of the main ingredients front and center. Each topping is made to order fresh every day, and it’s all lovingly combined on a variety of fresh-baked artisanal breads. Whether you choose the grilled chicken suggestive of Mexico City with bacon, Asiago cheese, cucumbers, basil pecan pesto and chipotle sauce–or the Deep South’s pulled pork, cheddar cheese, street slaw and Cajun remoulade sauce—or any of the eleven other choices on today’s Street Breads menu, you’ll be enjoying clean, honest and delicious food that transports you to a deliciously different world.


Our Vision

Street Breads has a clear vision of the food we serve—it should always be fresh, clean and honest.


Our sauces, dressings and sandwich toppers are the reason for the unique deliciousness of Street breads Signature Sandwiches, so we make them fresh every day. This use of fresh herbs and produce–combined with the fact that we never cook the majority of our toppings, we only blend them—brings a unique taste to each bite that sharpens the flavors and boosts your enjoyment to levels you’ve never had in a sandwich before.


Of course our sandwiches and salads are always prepared in a spotless environment, but when we say our food is clean, we mean it is very healthy for you, with as few preservatives as possible (the majority of our breads also have no preservatives). Each recipe has been devised by the Certified Master Chefs at the Culinary Institute of America to represent the very best combination of wholesome and nutritious ingredients that taste terrific and are good for you, too.


At Street Breads, we try our best to maintain the integrity of our ingredients—serving the very finest sustainably-raised food available, and sourcing organic and local produce whenever practical. The sweeteners used in most recipes call for alternatives such as honey and agave and real cane sugar. We offer a variety of breads including whole grain, low carb, wheat, and of course, we use the greenest paper and packaging possible. Serving food with integrity is a lifetime journey we have only just begun, and we look forward to serving you honest food forever.

No matter which sandwich you choose, Street Breads offers you a dramatically new taste sensation—fresh, clean, honest and always delicious—at a remarkable value. Enjoy!